Empire ATC

Empire ATC at the Courtyard Shopping Centre in Newbridge

JeJuve Aesthetics is Michelle Lawlor. Highly trained Advanced Non Medic Aesthetic Specialist & Sculptor, who can reshape the face to how the client wants it done. She is a huge believer in charity for survivors of domestic violence, where she rebuilds some areas of their faces, so they don't have to look at someone else's bad decisions on their own face in a mirror again. She is a supporter of anyone going through trans gender. Her main clinics supports the fees for the fillers she needs to support her charity work. She is highly loved by Celebrities, Influencers, her friends, her family and everyone who has ever been in contact with Michelle.

Empire ATC
  • Telephone:085 753 8924
  • Opening Hours
  • GPS:53.180962, -6.800891
  • Email:jejuveaesthetics@gmail.com
  • Address: Unit 2b,
    Block A,
    Courtyard Shopping Centre,
    Newbridge, W12 WT38
    Co. Kildare